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WHAT IS THE Crohn’s & Colitis Summit™?

The Crohn’s & Colitis Summit™ is a cutting edge progressive online health summit put together to provide people with the education, support and treatment options they need to heal Crohn’s, Colitis and other digestive problems, once and for all. We’ve assembled over 30 of the brightest minds in digestive health, IBD, IBS* and nutrition on the planet to give their very best information to all attendees.


Pretty much anyone who’s ever suffered from serious digestive issues, Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS are often related – we’ll give attendees the tools to start healing themselves from the inside out and show the many different options they have to start the journey to optimal health.

Each new day of interviews at The Crohn’s & Colitis Summit™ will be available completely free for 24 hours.

However, we’ve designed a Lifetime All Access Pass that allows attendees to get access to ALL the information, plus some very exciting bonuses!


Lifetime access to all speaker video sessions, audio MP3 files, and PDF transcriptions of the video sessions interviews and presentations.

Special bonuses from speakers and non-speakers! ($3,000 value)


If you’re active online and or social media and have a list in fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, supplementation you can apply to be a Crohn’s & Colitis Summit™ affiliate – all you have to do is send an email to and we’ll review it to make sure you’re a great fit!

Then… once you’re in you can start earning!


50% on each All-Access Pass sale you make using your affiliate link.

Other health summit’s and affiliates have been paid out over $50,000, often with the average income per affiliate over $1000.


First… be you. You know your list and your audience far better than we ever could. You know what they respond to and how to talk to them. Use that to your advantage.

Just tell them how much benefit and relief they’ll find by attending the Summit… it’s going to be totally NEXT level information about how they can take back control of their health and their lives – it’s powerful stuff.

But just in case, here are some great strategies to get better response:

The ethical bribe. Offer your own personal bonus to people who opt in using your link. It can be anything of value that you know your list will want to have in addition to getting free access to the Summit.

Mail more than once. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it bears talking about. We’ll provide swipe e-mail copy that you can use not only during the pre-launch, but also to entice people to jump in DURING the event. (More on this in a moment)

Share, share share – social media is a perfect place for you to spread the word, there are graphics provided for you that you can use to tell people about the event (don’t forget to add YOUR affiliate link!)

We’ve found email converts signifiantly better than social, especially since this is a free value offering to your community. Anything you can do to spread the word is helpful. We just want to get this important information into the hands of as many as possible.


Once you’re approved you’ll find a whole bunch of tools to make promoting a lot easier.

The promotion period for the Crohn’s & Colitis Summit™ is whenever we find a good spot in your schedule.

There are pre-written e-mails available to you in the affiliate center – While they were written by Joel, and reviewed by a great professorial copywriter – don’t simply use them as they are – we HIGHLY recommend that you put a little of your own voice into these mails.

ESPECIALLY if you’re a featured speaker at the Crohn’s & Colitis Summit™ – make sure your list knows they’ll get to see YOU giving your very best information directly to your audience! Let them know when you’ll be featured 🙂

Even if you’re not a speaker – make sure to add your own personality, stories that are relevant to digestive health. Many of you have met Joel in person, share that connection too! Have you had Crohn’s? Colitis? IBS? – please share your story!

Be sure to stress that these interviews are only up for a limited time to view for free (24 hours)!


Commissions on the All-Access pass are 50% of net sales. (gross sales – refunds = net sales).

Your cookie is good for one year, so you will continue to earn commissions long after the event is over.

You can log into your affiliate center here.

One last thing…

We hate to even bring this up, but there are some things that will get you kicked out as an affiliate…

Don’t spam. Pretty clear..

No cookie stuffing, cash incentives or other “pay to play” kind of stuff – it’s not cool.

Don’t try to pass yourself off as Joel, or any of the speakers(Unless you are one of the speakers!) on social media or websites – absolutely use our swipe, but make it clear you’re a part of the Summit, you’re a speaker, or an affiliate etc.

We’re trying to make this Crohn’s & Colitis Summit *the* digestive health event of the year, and together we’ll all make it happen!

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